Extension cord mounted on the drum

IN COMPLIANCE WITH: SR CEI 61242:2008/A11+A12:2008


  • For the supply of household electric appliances
  • The cords are executed in compliance with the European Directives: 2009/95/EC concerning the general security of products (GPSD), 2011/65 RoHS Directive
    2006/95/EC Echipamente de joasa tensiune(LVD) cu toate amendamentele, 2011/95 Directiva RoHS


  • Flexible cable HO5VV-F3G1, 00 1,50-2,50 mm2, of 25, 40, 50 m, executed in compliance with : SR EN50525-2-11:2011; DIN0281-5 (VDE0281 part 5):2002-09;
  • Non-removable injected chart: cumiezde: U = 250 V, I = 16 A c.a., 2N+2P type: Taller GmbH:B04.012, Standards: CEE7-Std. Sheet VII, IEC/EN60884, executed in compliance with SR CEI 60884-1:2003/C91:2007 A1:2008
  • 4 Prize type 2P+N of U = 250 V, I = 16 A c.a., in compliance with DIN 49440-1 DIN VDE 0620-1:2010
  • Thermostat with protection against overheating with manual re-undershooting, by pushing the red button
  • Drum made of a plastic material, resistant to mechanic shocks
  • Holder made of metallic pipe, stable and ergonomic

Data sheet

  • Rated voltage: 250 V c.a.
  • Nominal charging: 10 A pnt. 1,00 mm2
  • Maximum ran power: 1000 W
  • Carried out maximum power: 2500 W
  • Nominal charging: 16 A pnt. 1,50-2,50 mm2
  • Maximum ran power: 1200 W
  • Maximum power carried out: 3500 W
  • Temperature range:
  • For functioning: -15ΩC … +35°C
  • For manipulation: +5°C … +35°C
  • Class of protection: IP20
  • Length: 25m; 40m; 50m


  • It is recommended the use with the cord completely unfolded.
  • Over passing the maximum accepted power can lead to the melting of the cable and can provoke fires


Declaration of conformity

Report of test fire